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Our songs will all be silenced, but what of it? Go on singing.

Revive and Restore

29 August 2021 9:45 PM (dream)

I fell into the far-distant future and ended up part of some slowly acquired ‘found family’. Many of the younger people in the family spent a good amount of time playing an odd, empathic game that let them explore the questions of what kind of thing they wanted to be, how they wanted their minds and emotions to work, and develop a reflective equilibrium before teaching them how to rewrite and change themselves accordingly.

We were fighting a fire in a large apartment building, and when we were up on the roof a large, floating island went overhead. We climbed up into it. It was full of extinct animals, including the Falkland Islands Wolf. (It made me cry a bit to see one still alive.) All the animals were more capable than the wild counterparts, being able to partly understand language even if they couldn't produce it or comprehend its full elaboration yet. We were for some reason afraid to see the human master of the island, but eventually we worked up our courage and found out it was Alan Turing. He had created the island as a time-traveling ark and gathered up extinct species with the goal of training them to be more intelligent.

Except, H. G. Wells showed up, flying up in a jet-pack and climbing aboard the edge of the island, even though Turing tried to evade him. He kept demanding that Turing travel back in time and undo what he'd done when he flew the island away, which Wells claimed had previously been the city of Tripoli. Wells also kept blasting Turing with movie footage of the island being ripped out of the ground and the city's inhabitants being thrown down to earth, screaming and clutching at it. Turing refused, claiming that this never happened, and also humans are jerks and have it coming.

(It's particularly annoying have your desire to run up to someone and tell them how much you like and admire them when you're given evidence they wantonly killed a city full of people and subscribe to worthless garbage nonsense about collective guilt.)

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