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Bang, zoom! Take you to the moon

14 June 2017 8:46 AM (dream)

I was flying a spaceship! Except less flying than piloting weirdly. Here is how you use the hyperlight drive:

  1. Take a large dose of LSD to help with visualization.
  2. Launch from the space station dock.
  3. Extend your hyper-wheels.
  4. Land on the gigantic hypersphere, carefully choose your angle relative to a reference and start going faster and faster and faster.
  5. And faster. And FASTER! The three components of your velocity vector determine your displacement with c as the point at infinity. I cannot stress how carefully you must calibrate.
  6. Incidentally the feel of riding over the sphere was bumpy in the same way rollerskating on a smoothly varnished roller-rink is, which I'm quite sure would lead to disaster if you tried rolling wheels over something at relativistic velocity. Then again maybe it WAS fantastically smooth and the bumps only felt that way because of the relativistic velocity
  7. Also it's very hard to focus on the display because you can see all your saccades and the numbers shimmer and dance.
  8. Then push the button. Suddenly you're somewhere else.
I don't remember where I was going, just how I got there. Also the space station was kind of pretty. Very hexagonal.

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