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In Your Face, Space Coyote!

20 August 2016 7:44 PM (dream)

I was on a starship with a coyote. This coyote was a four-wheel drive model rather than anthropomorphic and was not, as far as I could tell, articulate. It was much more social and tactile than the average coyote and seemingly more intelligent. It followed me around wherever I was going half the time and made me follow it around when it was interested in something.

Yes, I spent my dream exploring a fantastic spaceship while petting a coyote. Also we proved that the ideal depth of water for a bath for any given creature is exactly one sixth of that creature's backbone and hind legs combined. It was a collaborative work, lots of nosing at numbers and things on the coyote's part.

The ship encountered another ship that made contact. The other ship was full of digitized post-humans and synthetic intellects, and our ship tried to break off contact as quickly as possible. The other ship wasn't malevolent, but humans had the feeling that chatting with their post-human kin will just lead to confusion at best.

The posthumans and SIs had managed to slip through our defenses, though. Whenever we tried to clone a new crew member, instead of the person we wanted, we'd end up with someone who looked mostly human, though unusually thin, androgynous, and lacking any hair anywhere, who would plop out and start carrying on the posthumans' side of the conversation from where we'd hung up on them.

The avatars didn't do anything beyond that. we shoved them all onto a habitable planet and shot a flair at the posthuman and SI ship telling them where they could come and get them. Then we switched off our cloning facility. We were under the assumption that whatever mind had infiltrated out ship would want to go back and be reassimilated into its original rather than being stuck with us, so if we waited for the ship to leave, our systems would be clear again. In the meantime we threw all the mattresses and clothing and everything else the avatars had touched into the sun and temporarily evacuated the areas of the ship they'd been in for sterilization, just to be safe.

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