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Electric Shadows

9 August 2016 2:59 PM (dream)

I was watching movies all with the same main character, though there was no consistency of plot or even genre. I remember a rather nice shot that went from a near monochrome noir city of shadows with an exploding train where someone galloped out on the expanding ball of fire on a winged horse, lassoing the explosion and tossing it up into the sky to turn it into the rising sun.

I kept wandering in and out of the movie, though I was never part of the action. I mostly talked with the main character asking him about what he was doing and why and wouldn't it be nice if he didn't spend so much time shooting people? He was insistent that if it weren't for him carrying on in such a disorderly way the studio would have never made the movie in the first place so, on balance, it was better for everyone.

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